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It was over watching a Bollywood movie that Maneet came up with the idea to do something more productive with her time and called up her best friend Upeksha to get her on board and come up with something that encompasses both their passions and make a difference. That was how thEMPOWER was founded and created; by two young women who both share a fervent desire to do good and see good in the world.

“We came up with the name thEMPOWER because the core value underlying everything we do in this organisation is to empower people, as this is the way forward to enriching people’s lives and giving them the right tools and confidence to lead their own lives. “

Upeksha and Maneet are both first year university students studying away from home in Townsville, QLD, having come from Melbourne, VIC in Australia. They are incredibly passionate about social justice; human rights, feminisim, equality & equity, health and much more.

thEMPOWER is a non-for-profit organisation that at the current moment, puts out fortnightly podcasts on a topic of relevance.

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