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Mind Flourish.

This week, we’re exploring the South Asian psyche that creates a stigma around mental health.

Here are some South Asian owned and run resources:

  • Chetna is a mental health awareness organization with a strong focus on mental health in Brown culture. They share stories and have IGTV episodes on different topics associated with mental health, which let you know that you are not alone. They also release tips and self-care bingos, which help keep your mental health in check.   
  • MySahana is a South Asian American nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and well-being. Through articles, videos, workshops, and more, they provide education on a number of emotional health-related issues. These range from describing various mental health ailments to offering cultural-specific advice and coping strategies.
  • The Desi Wellbeing Project is a social media project dedicated to celebrating and promoting those people and qualities that cultivate emotional well-being in South Asian communities. Inspired by Humans of New York, the project features everyday South Asians attempting to battle those cultural factors contributing to the mental health crises within Desi communities
  • SAMHIN, short for the “South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network,” also offers a variety of resources for those struggling with mental health issues. They offer their own directory of mental health professionals that users can search by location, specialty, languages spoken, and more.

TRANSCRIPT: Mind Flourish


Welcome to our very first podcast. In this podcast we will be introducing ourselves, thEMPOWER and talking about hope and why it’s so important not to lose hope in the face of everything that’s happening right now in the world and your own world.

Here are some articles relating to hope in an environmental, political, economic and cultural setting if you would like to check them out!

Article on the Exonerated 5:

Hope in politics:

Hope in the environment category:

Hope in culture

Here’s the link to the transcript